Welcome to Rudolph Hennig

To contact our Secretary, Donna Gaumont, our Finance Manager, Margaret Tomkow, the Principal, Sue Freiheit, or the Assistant Principal, Justin Mazur, phone 780 998 2216.

To report attendance click Attendance or leave a message at 780-998-2216.

Forms and documents you may require this year are:

Bell Schedule 16-17

Supply List 16-17

Please click here, GRSA ,to access our school’s Guide to Reporting Student Achievement. The guide provides valuable information about how we assess our students and when and how we report student achievement to parents.

Go to "About" and click on "Calendar" for more detailed information about upcoming events.

Grade 9 Farewell

We are proud of our grade 9s and look forward to celebrating their success, here at school with a pizza party, and again at the DOW.

The students have indicated a lack of interest in a dance, so that has been cancelled. Instead, the Parent Advisory Council is going to provide a pizza party, period 4, on June 13th. The DOW celebration at 7:00 on June 27th will go forward as planned.

We look forward to celebrating with our grade 9 students and their families!

Guide to Reporting Student Achievement

About The GRSA

We believe every student can learn and experience success. One of the ways we help students learn and succeed is to carefully evaluate their achievement and growth, and to share that information with parents and guardians.

This guide will help parents and guardians understand:

  • assessment;
  • the responsibilities of students, staff, and parents and guardians;
  • how and when achievement information will be communicated or reported;
  • how marks and grades are determined; and
  • the steps taken when summative assessments are missing or incomplete.

Parents and guardians are the key influences in a child's life. Understanding how a child is achieving in school and how to support that achievement is integral to success in school. Parents and guardians are encouraged to read this guide and contact our school’s administration with any questions or if further information is required.

Click here to read the RHJ GRSA.

Acorn and Student Fees

Thank you for another great year using the Acorn Online QuickPay system.  Please continue to go online to check that all your schools fees have been paid for the 2015 – 2016 school year as field trips, yearend activities and lost books may be added until school lets out for the summer.


For outstanding fees for 2015 – 2016, online payments for students returning to an Elk Island Public School for 2016 – 2017 may be made throughout the summer, using the PowerSchool parent portal.  After August 4, 2016, online payments for students who are graduating or leaving Elk Island Public Schools will need to be made through the Student Quick Pay link https://www.studentquickpay.com/eips.  Parents will then create a new account and link their student with the student ID.


All fees for the 2016 – 2017 school year will be available at the beginning of September.  PLEASE NOTE that Junior High and Senior High fees may change as courses are added and deleted.  The course change deadline is September 12, 2016.


If you have any questions regarding your students’ fees, please contact Margaret Tomkow at 780-998-2216.

Final Exam Schedule

Grade 9 PAT Schedule


Thursday, June 23rd - Language Arts Part B

Friday, June 24th - Social Studies


Grade 7 & 8 Final Exam Schedule

Thursday, June 23rd - Language Arts Part B

Friday, June 24th - Social Studies

Monday, June 27th - Science


School is open and students are expected to attend on Tuesday, June 28th.

Report Cards will go home with students on Tuesday, June 28th. They will be available by noon.


SouthPointe School Update

SouthPointe School: Update

The grade configuration for SouthPointe School, the new K-9 school in the City of Fort Saskatchewan, is now approved. It was approved by the Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) Board of Trustees during the May 30, 2016 public Board meeting. The school will open in the 2017–2018 school year as a Kindergarten to Grade 6 school followed by the graduated introduction of junior high programming:

• 2018–2019 Kindergarten to Grade 7
• 2019–2020 Kindergarten to Grade 8
• 2020–2021 Kindergarten to Grade 9

As grades are introduced at SouthPointe School, the new junior high attendance boundaries for the City of Fort Saskatchewan will also take effect. All elementary students designated to SouthPointe School will continue junior high at SouthePointe School. Students who are designated to Rudolph Hennig Junior High will remain at that school till the completion of Grade 9.

Last month, the Board also approved the name of school. It will be called SouthPointe School after the community it resides in. The new elementary attendance boundaries for the City of Fort Saskatchewan have also been approved and will take effect when SouthPointe School opens at the start of the 2017–2018 school year. The new school attendance boundaries will help ease current utilization issues at elementary and junior high schools in Fort Saskatchewan; provide a more balanced long-term growth strategy between schools; and offer a healthy sense of community at each school.

Families affected by the new elementary attendance boundaries have received a letter in the mail notifying them of their new designated school as of the 2017–2018 school year and how these changes affect their family. In an effort to ensure the new attendance boundaries remain balanced and to mitigate enrolment pressures, grandfathering will not be available. A special exception has been made for a small group of individual students who were directly affected by the 2012–2013 boundary changes in Fort Saskatchewan and were not eligible for grandfathering at that time.

Parent Portal Mobile

The PowerSchool Parent and Student portals are now accessible at all EIPS schools using your mobile devices and connecting to the school guest wireless networks. The PowerSchool portal allows access to Flex scheduling as well as other PowerSchool information.

Included in this email is information on the Student portal as well as how to access your Powerschool information using your iPad or iPhone and the downloadable application. The Apple IOS and Android applications on first login can take up to 5 minutes to login.  This is due to a large amount of data being downloaded to the mobile device and not because of a slow wireless or Internet connection.

You can connect to the Parent or Student portal by going to https://powerschool.eips.ca/public and logging in with your assigned user ID and password.


 Parent Portal Mobile

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