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March News from RHJ!

Dear Raven Families,

The Parent Survey is now open. Please go to our website home page and click on the link for a chance to sing our praises!

Report Cards can be printed as of 3:00 on Monday, March 12.

Parent Teacher Interviews are on Thursday, March 15 in the school gym from 4:30-8:15.

Pi Day activities will be on March 14 over lunch. Memorize those digits!

Our next Parent Council meeting will be on March 21 at 6pm in the school library. 

Our Drama production was a huge success! Thank you to Ms. Bauer who took on this enormous commitment and did a terrific job. She provided a great opportunity and a unique experience to the students who participated on stage and behind the scenes. Thank you to Mrs. Adams whose dancers did an awesome job... I was singing Thriller for two days! Thank you to Mrs. Olsen and Mrs. Tomkow who supported the production in many ways, including hair, make-up and ticket sales!

Please note that we have Friday, March 23 off as a day in lieu for interviews and then Spring Break starts on the 26th. We return school Tuesday,  April 3.

Please encourage your child to read as much as possible!


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