Thank You PAC!

Staff and students at Rudolph Hennig Junior High wish to thank our amazing Parent Council for our beautiful recreation areas.

They put in picnic tables in our front and back yards, even building forms and pouring concrete to hold them in place!

Outdoor Ping Pong tables are a popular new addition, as are the tire swings. The basketball courts have been used a lot at lunch, and during DPA, too.

On June 20th, one of our students, and a former student planted eight trees along our front walk, which adds to the sense of a main front entrance.

PAC, cooperating with EIPS facilities, had the trim around the top of the school painted in our school colours, which gives our building another face lift.

Students, former students, and parents came in over the summer and spruced up our courtyard with new trees, bushes, and bark mulch. PAC also bought 8 picnic tables which were built by students at Lamont High School, to go in the courtyard. Please look in the photo gallery to find pictures of our new and improved courtyard!

Our school is looking and feeling so much more inviting!